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"And They Fight ..."

"And They Fight..." is an educational DVD series designed for the teaching of theatrical combat. It's also a thorough review aid for students who have already completed a practical training course in Theatrical Combat and Theatrical Swordplay. By far, the most comprehensive practical examination and educational tool on this subject, this series presents a complete training process from start to finish for the disciplines of Medieval Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger of the Renaissance, the Transitional Single Rapier, and the Smallsword of the Restoration.

Each discipline is examined in detail, providing:

  • History of the Weapon
  • Information on Equipment
  • How to Hold and Handle the Weapons
  • How to Safely Execute All Manner of Attacks and Parries
  • Beginning Through Advanced Training Drills (necessary to acquire the physical skills to execute a safe and believable sword fight)
  • Important Safety Notes Throughout the Training Process

Midway through each discipline, a basic training fight is demonstrated, and each discipline concludes with a fully costumed and executed sword fight in the context of a dramatic scene.

Video Set And They Fight - Broadsword And They Fight - Rapier and Dagger And They Fight - Single Rapier And They Fight - Small Sword

There is also an introductory video providing important information shared by all of the disciplines, including the rules and practices for safe theatrical combat, warm-ups, and footwork training. Each discipline may be bought separately with the required introductory video, or you may purchase the entire series. If you purchase the entire series, you'll also receive an additional bonus video providing an introduction into the disciplines of Sword & Shield, Sword & Cloak, Sword & Buckler, and Double Rapier.

"And They Fight..." was created by Gregory Hoffman to provide a comprehensive educational training material to support all Instructors of Theatrical Combat as well as a comprehensive review for all students of this art form. It also serves as a fundamental training reference for the Instructors of Dueling Arts International - a company offering training to Actors, Teachers, and Theatrical Fight Directors worldwide.


All-Inclusive Instructional Experience

Originally founded by Gregory Hoffman in 1995, Dueling Arts International focuses on providing an all-inclusive, intensive, and dramatically integrated theatrical combat training experience. In his teaching, Hoffman employs methods heavily influenced by his lifelong dedication to the practice of Tai Chi Chu'an, as well as an academic background in the study of movement analysis and fine art. By incorporating his own personal methodology, Gregory has created a tradition of training that is recognized around the world.

Enthusiasm & Dedication To The Craft

From the very beginning of his teaching career, his approach engendered great enthusiasm and dedication. Even in the early years, there were many students eager to undertake private apprenticeships with Gregory. Many of these apprentices then became instructors in their own right, and the Dueling Arts International family grew. During this time, it became clear that a comprehensive and logically progressive training model was necessary. Hoffman's model evolved based on the concept that certain fundamental techniques need to be taught in a coherent step-by-step manner to provide the necessary foundation for the actor's work as a Theatrical Combatant. Hoffman's work also focuses on assisting actors in integrating physical intentions, character choices, and their interpretation of dramatic texts in the execution of realistic choreographic elements. All of which is directed towards the singular goal of telling the most believable and compelling dramatic story on stage and camera.

From Conception To Development

Based on these collective principles, in 1998, Gregory began writing a 600-page teaching manual with the goal of supporting this ever-evolving educational paradigm. Upon completion, this manual was instead adapted to a shooting script for this DVD series. Actual production began in the summer of 2000, and in 2005, after seven years of writing, shooting and editing "And They Fight...," a comprehensive instructional DVD series on theatrical sword fighting was released.

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